Smithlab Tools

The Smith laboratory has invented and introduced many new tools and used them to open new areas of neuroscience to investigation.  Reports of such tools and the resulting findings are the substance of most of the publications referenced in the “Research” sections of this web site.  Here are snapshots of some of the Smith lab’s tools.

Smith Video DIC Invert, Woods Hole 1986 

Schematic of Smith’s 1986 Video DIC Invert

BioRad MRC-500 Stanford 1992

Early cDNA Microarray, Brown lab, Stanford

First cDNA Microarray Scanner, Stanford, ~1994

Smith & Laser Mark V ‘Scope, Stanford, ~1998

Early 2P invert for zebrafish, Stanford, ~1998 

Squid Rig w/ Double Voltage Clamp, Blaster & Smith Polychromator (Black Box at Right) Woods Hole, ~1985

Blaster isolating Ca influx at Squid Synapse

The Smith Polychromator under the hood

Smith & Automated 2P, Stella Coates lab, Stanford, 2002