Smithlab People
Twelve Yale and Stanford students have earned their PhD degrees with doctoral research work in the Smith laboratory; Eighteen new PhDs have continued their training in the lab as postdoctoral fellows.  The lab is also home to three senior staff scientists, and has enjoyed visits, short and long, by many distinguished collaborators over the years .  Here is a sampling of the lab’s photo archive, in reverse chronological order...

Stephen J Smith, Salt Lake 2012

Cris Niell, Stanford ~2004

Jackie Hua, Stella Coates Lab, Stanford, ~2003

Smith, Stella Coates Lab, Stanford, ~2002

Noam Ziv, Technion  ~2000

Andy Blatz, Dale, Smith at Axon, ~1998

Smith, Stanford ~1998

Cindy Adams, Stanford, 1995

Nina Allen & Dwight Bergles at a Palo Alto BBQ, ~1992

Astrocyte Science, Guilin China 1992

Smith tweaking Mark III, Stanford ~1992

Smithlab People, Stanford 1991

Alex Chernjavsky, Yale 1989

Craig Jahr, Yale ~1988

Paul Forscher, Yale ~1987

Chuck Stevens, Eric Kandel, Marc Klein
Smith, Mary Boyle  New Haven 1981

Smith 1980